We advise our clients on the legal and regulatory issues that affect their daily activities and operations, as well as on the potential impacts and repercussions that these could entail, whether they are in a phase of preparation and analysis by the legislative or executive branch or when the regulations are already in force.

We have a solid team with extensive legal experience and a detailed analysis capacity that allows us to anticipate adverse scenarios and design legal strategies to address the concerns and problems that our clients face or may face in various practice areas, such as the ones referred below.

  • Analysis and consulting services on constitutional, legal, and regulatory frameworks, either currently in effect or under process, to determine their impact on specific areas or industries.

  • Specialized legal advice with respect to the following practice areas: (i) corporate and private contracts; (ii) energy; (iii) agrarian; (iv) mining; (v) ports and airports; (vi) gaming; (vii) real estate, urban development and infrastructure (in this last case, including specific legislation, zoning and real estate development regulations, urban development plans and programs, as well as similar statutes); (viii) infrastructure; (ix) public tenders; (x) administrative contracts; (xi) concessions; (xii) expropriation; (xiii) Federal, Local and Municipal public services; (xiv) water right; (xv) sanitary rights; (xvi) environmental; (xvii) State Financial liabilities; (xviii) anticorruption; (xix) money laundering; (xx) administrative responsibility of public officials; (xxi) administrative responsibilities of private individuals; (xxii) human rights.

  • Drafting of technical-legal opinions on laws, regulations, guidelines, administrative rulings of general application, Mexican official standards, and other governing and regulatory provisions related to the practice areas listed above or those of interest to determined areas or industries.

  • Mapping to identify, prevent and minimize legal risks for companies and their respective executives and officers, as well as to prevent the imposition of sanctions and penalties (legal compliance).

  • Advice on regulatory compliance and responsibilities of board members, senior executives, officers, and administrators of companies with respect to legal provisions.

  • Design of strategies to prevent risks and safeguard companies’ assets.