We assist our clients with the design and implementation of institutional outreach strategies with the public branches and strategic stakeholders.

Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience and knowledge of the current public and political environment, which differentiates our work and the way we meet the goals of the companies and industries we represent.

We have an experienced team that provides our clients with real time monitoring of those legislative bills submitted in the Chambers of the Federal Congress and, upon request, in the local Congresses, as well as those regulatory proposals of the Federal Government or local Governments that may have an impact on their operations and/or activities or that may be of interest to them. Likewise, we perform a detailed follow-up of the legislative activities related to those matters of interest to our clients.

 When required, we design and implement lobbying strategies to socialize the position of our clients regarding legislative bills or propositions submitted in the Federal Congress, as well as for the resolutions analyzed in their respective legislative commissions.

  • Political, legislative, and regulatory information and advice.

  • Discourse and narrative development, and political communication tools.

  • Specialized talks on Mexico’s economic and political environment.

  • Political and legislative advice.

  • Follow-up and analysis of electoral processes.

  • Monitoring, real-time alerts and reports on (i) changes or proposed constitutional legal and/or regulatory changes, (ii) legislative proceedings and activities in the Federal Congress, local Congress of Mexico City, and local Congresses (as per our client´s request).

  • Analysis of bills for constitutional and/or legal amendments, regulatory proposals government policies, legislations and regulations in force, to determine their potential impact on sectors or industries of interest for our clients.

  • In-situ coverage and permanent monitoring of the federal Congress and the Mexico City Congress (congressional committees, forums, open parliamentarian processes and other legislative activities).

  • Media monitoring of topics of interest to our clients.

  • Stakeholders mapping.

  • Design of strategies for dialogue and outreach with relevant governmental and legislative stakeholders and agencies of interest.

  • Assisting in the development of government, legislative and institutional relations.

  • Creation of messages and strategies to socialize our clients’ positions with respect to topics of interest.

  • Legal analysis and feasibility of congressional bills, proposiciones con punto de acuerdo submitted in the Federal or local Congresses and their potential impact on companies, sectors, or industries.

  • Design and implementation of lobbying strategies.