Administrative, regulatory and trainings.

We provide advice to national and international companies in relation to the legal and regulatory framework applicable to their activities, so that they comply with the requirements imposed by any federal, local and municipal law and regulations applicable to their operations.

We conduct due diligence and revisions focused on licenses, permits and authorizations issued by federal, local and municipal authorities to determine their validity and compliance with the legal framework, to avoid administrative sanctions. We also identify opportunity areas to prevent and mitigate risks. 

Our activities also include advisory services for the regularization of legal and regulatory defaults and for obtaining the authorizations required for the operation of activities related to different types of industries.

Preventive training.

Likewise, the firm provides our clients with preventive training in administrative matters, either for in site employees working on their production plants and distribution centers or for third parties who provide their services on site, to provide them with the legal knowledge and tools on how to proceed in the event of possible inspection or verification visits by federal, local and/or municipal authorities.